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Sep 16, 2022

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The Logitech G435 Lightspeed offers a pretty nice gaming experience. The headset is super light and the ear cushions are soft, which is certainly conducive to long gaming sessions. It’s also light and power efficient, and it looks quite nice for a low-priced headset.
Lightweight headset featuring Lightspeed technology is the Logitech G435. The product’s debut pricing, in our opinion, is appropriate. Although there is competition, most of them are wired. In addition to being wireless, the G435 offers the best wireless available, with Lightspeed performing flawlessly in even the most challenging games.
Teenagers and tweens are the target market for the gaming headphones from Logitech, the G435 LIGHTSPEED Wireless. However, they ought to comfortably fit the majority of adult-sized heads. They fit nicely, are lightweight, and have a straightforward design.
Although they don’t have an EQ or presets to adjust it, their warm sound profile aids in emphasizing sound effects in gameplay. To safeguard the user’s hearing, they also contain a volume limiter that can be adjusted to 85 or 100 db. Unfortunately, we were able to achieve up to 91 dB after going over the 85 dB limitation. They come with a proprietary wireless dongle and support Bluetooth, however you can’t connect to your console and a Bluetooth device at the same time, which is a drawback.
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The headband and ear cups of the headset have the typical gaming aesthetics, but they aren’t very flashy. Although I personally don’t like RGB on headsets, many people do, and they might be unhappy if they don’t get it. With three color options—Off White and Lilac, Blue and Raspberry, and Black and Neon Yellow—the headgear is sold by online merchants including Amazon India and Flipkart. I’m reviewing the Black and Neon Yellow color scheme. The buttons are neon yellow and the complete headset is black.
The power on/off button, which is positioned right below a battery level indicator light, is followed by the Volume Up and Down buttons, as well as a Mute button, on the left earcup. On the left earcup are two microphones as well. In contrast to the majority of gaming headsets, Logitech headphones chose beamforming microphones over a boom arm. On the left ear cup, there is a USB Type-C port for charging as also. The only thing on the right earcup is the Logitech logo.
Gaming accessories, especially headphones, are infamous for being large and heavy in some cases, larger than your head. In contrast, the G435 strives to be. With a weight of 165g, this gaming headset is perhaps the lightest I’ve ever used. For comparison, the HyperX Cloud Core 7.1 weighs about 300g without the boom microphone.
The G435’s sound system features 40mm drivers. The conventional removable mic is replaced with two dual beamforming mics, which are mounted on the left cup. Everything functions as expected; the drivers provide clear highs and lows, and the inside microphones excel at capturing the wearer’s voice in noisy settings. On the left ear cup, the G435’s external controls are restricted to a power button, volume toggle, and mute button that are all located above a USB-C adaptor. There aren’t many options for sound adjustment other utilizing your PC or console’s settings.
The majority of Logitech’s newest headset sounds reasonable familiar. Sadly, the G435 is different in terms of durability. Even though I’m hesitant to call it cheap, the headset felt flimsy as we was playing. So much so that if it were to fall from a reasonable height, I’m worried that an ear cup will break. Having said that, we put it to the test, and the headset survived multiple trips from my desk to the ground. But I’m still worried about prolonged use. Additionally unsettling, the ear cups’ ability to rise and fall. The G435’s is made worse by how thin the bar is that links them, even though I’m not a fan of that design in general.
The earcups are designed to fit comfortably around your ears and offer some flexibility in the left, right, and up and down directions. Although Logitech claims that the G435 is optimized for smaller head sizes, I found that the G435 fit my head comfortably even with the headband fully extended despite having a very large head (We wear the last two notches on an adjustable cap).
These are some of the most comfortable headphones I’ve ever worn because to their light weight and plush, fabric-covered memory foam earcups that are well-padded and never feel hot. It was unexpected considering the headband has no padding and only a thin layer of fabric over the plastic that I wouldn’t hesitate to wear them all day. However, because of how light the G435 is, none of that seemed uncomfortable.
We like that there are also audio prompts available. You’ll hear a rising sound as soon as you turn on the headset. You’ll hear a lowering sound if you turn it off. Both switching from wireless to Bluetooth and vice versa have distinctive noises of their own. While we’re talking about connectivity, it’s important to note that more expensive wireless headphones just provide Bluetooth or wireless connectivity, so we do commend the G435 for providing both.
Additionally, its Lightspeed wireless connection has a range of 10 meters (33 feet), allowing you to freely move across a medium-sized one-bedroom apartment like mine in Los Angeles without encountering any problems. It features multi-device compatibility, so it doesn’t matter if you’re hooked up to your gaming PC, Mac, PS4, or PS5. Its support for Windows Sonic, Tempest 3D Audio Tech, and Dolby Atoms are additional capabilities worth mentioning.
Logitech, lessen background noise, with the word “reduce” being more important than “remove.” Although the background noises were muffled by my speech, they were still fairly audible. Both voice recordings and game sessions clearly showed the sound of the game, conversations in the adjacent room, and my typing. This applied to Bluetooth communication as well.
Due to the inadequate sound isolation, the microphone picked up the caller’s voice for the earcup during a call with the volume turned up loud. The caller also claimed to hear an echo. Before they reported the echo, I had to turn the volume down so low that I could still hear the caller perfectly.
On the G435 Lightspeed headphones, Logitech chose to use beamforming microphones rather than the conventional boom arm, and we are not convinced that was a great decision. Due to the proximity of the two microphones to your mouth, voice quality is respectable. However, other gamers on Discord weren’t satisfied with them because they often pick up a lot of background noise. Although boom microphones are a much better option, the headgear would have become heavier.
we was able to come close to the 18-hour battery life that Logitech claims the G435 Lightspeed can operate at during my time with the evaluation unit. Using the volume at about 80% of the time, I got about 17 hours of usage out of a single charge. During this time, I was also able to connect to my smartphone using Bluetooth, make several calls, and more.
The Logitech G435 Lightspeed can be charged using a USB Type-C connector, and the process takes about two hours. It is a little sad since there is no 3.5mm audio compatibility in a gaming headset. You can only switch to another device or wait if you run out of power in the middle of a game.
The Logitech G435 Lightspeed, which will be available starting in September 2021, has its price to its advantage. It is neither pricey nor inexpensive. However, for $79.99/£69.99, it is extremely reasonable. Even with today’s abundance of wireless options, the G435’s low price of under $80/£80 is still a luxury tax for the ease of being cable-free. And that doesn’t even take into account the tax we frequently pay for turning green.
As you have seen this review on Logitech G435 Review. The Logitech G435 Lightspeed Wireless is worth buying for a few different reasons. With a precise soundstage, it also has good game audio. It is perfect for people with smaller skulls and, consequently, young gamers because it is more compact, lightweight, comfortable to wear, and comes in vibrant color schemes. Additionally, it’s a carbon-neutral product, so by selecting it over other gaming headsets, you’re reducing your carbon impact. It’s also fairly priced.
However, if you have a sophisticated taste in gaming accessories, some of its merits can also be considered some of its flaws. The entire headset may have become lighter thanks to the mic arm’s smaller footprint, but the “virtual arm boom” still needs some more time to bake. Additionally, its limited flexibility and lack of app support and modifications may work in its favor. However, those factors also place restrictions on how much a gamer may customize their gaming headset.
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