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Sep 16, 2022

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The Logitech G Pro X is one of the best PC gaming headsets on the market, but since it relies on software, it’s only pretty good on consoles. It’s versatile, comfortable, and even luxurious. With strong sound and every accessory and cable you need, it doesn’t just feel like a premium product, it feels like a premium package.
The Gaming Headsets with a wide range of customizing possibilities are the Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset. They are also incredibly cozy, well-made, and their boom mic performs admirably overall. Unfortunately, they are rather big and perform poorly in noisy areas, like most gaming headphones do. Your experience could differ from others’ because of how dramatically different users’ audio delivery can be.
We’ve tested several Logitech gaming headsets, and the Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset is the best one. These incredibly headphones have a 1/8″ TRRS connector and provide full audio and microphone functionality. Additionally, a wired USB connection can be used to link them to PCs and PlayStation gaming systems. They are suitable for shot-calling in multiplayer video games because of its detachable boom mic’s high-quality recording capabilities.
Their warm sound profile immediately adds boom to your mixes, which can help highlight game sound effects. They have a fairly flat, well-balanced midrange, which makes it easy to hear and understand the instruments and conversation. Fortunately, their associated software provides a graphic EQ even if the bass and treble output of their speakers might vary depending on fit, seal, and location.
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Before making a purchase, it’s critical to understand a product’s design and functionalities. In our assessment of the Logitech Pro X gaming headset, we are therefore discussing them. We were able to effectively unbox the item and discovered that it wasn’t your typical gaming headset. Consider the Pro X unusual although many rival goods have abrasive and striking designs or RGBs. Instead, it has a high-end, elegant appearance that lends to its own unique appeal. It has a steel headband that is coated in leatherette, and the prongs holding the cups are constructed of aluminum. These are entirely black with silver circles that are centered with the company’s “G” emblem.
The leatherette ear pads are already present on the Logitech Pro X gaming headset, as we can see from our inspection of it. However, the extra ear cushions that Logitech added to the bundle are composed of permeable velour. Use the leatherette ones if you want a better seal when wearing the headset. However, velour ones are better if you want something lighter and more breathable because they are perfect for extended listening sessions.
The headset fits comfortably, without being overly tight. The device still fits most people fairly well, including those who claim they have heads that are bigger than average. The Pro X isn’t exceptionally heavy at 338g either. It’s excellent for folks who frequently stream, attend meetings, or play multiplayer video games because of its detachable condenser mic.
The Logitech Pro X Gaming Headset is a very comfortable pair of headphones. They come with two different sets of memory foam pads: one is covered in leather and the other in fabric. Both are very comfortable and feel nice against the skin. The ear cups are large and deep, so they should fit most ear sizes and shapes. However, the ear cups don’t have the best range of motion and can feel a bit tight for some people. On the positive side, the headband is well padded and wide, which distributes the weight of the headphones well.
The Logitech G Pro X is comfortable, luxurious, even. With strong sound and every accessory and cable you need, it doesn’t just feel like a premium product, it feels like a premium package. The sound is slightly better with the leatherette ear cups than with the velour pads. The former simply seal the ear better and prevent sound from escaping. However, the velour ear cups were more comfortable during long gaming or listening sessions.
The boom microphone and foam mic cover on the Logitech G Pro X are both removable. This has a bi-directional response, which is undesirable because it picks up more background noise in the space. According to specifications, the actual microphone picks up sound mostly from one side and has a cardioid pattern. Testing reveals that it is just not very directional, and since the under-the-foam microphone enclosure has holes on two sides, both sides of the boom can “hear” rather well.
Using a noise gate, which filters out sound below a specific volume, is how Logitech has found a solution. By default, this is quite harsh and lends a little scratchy feel to the softer-spoken in particular.
However, a few test recordings reveal that Blue Voice’s most noticeable alteration is a simple EQ. Your voice will sound quite weak and thin without it, as is characteristic of a small, basic microphone. The normal EQ setting sharply boosts the bass and treble to revive the mic’s lifeless tone.
All of these features are not available if you use the Logitech G Pro X with a console. Although this headset lacks the top-notch microphone hardware you may anticipate from viewing the Logitech website and its references of Blue Microphones’ involvement, results are significantly enhanced by processing. Additionally, the Logitech G Hub application features a handy recorder feature that enables you to hear the results of modifications to this procedure without launching the programmed.
The G Pro X Wireless is a PC-only gaming headset that can only be used with computers running Windows 7 or later. The Logitech G Hub software enables its sophisticated features, which include 7.1-channel virtual surround sound with DTS Headphone: X. A 10-band equalizer with numerous presets and the possibility to apply as many custom EQ settings as you like is also provided by the software.
The Pro X were excellent headphones for chat, music, and gaming. In comparison to using the included Y-splitter to connect the headset to the microphone and headset ports on a gaming laptop or gaming PC, I found the USB adapter provided superior sound. The Pro X worked flawlessly with Hitman 2 when I tried it. Guards on the prowl could be heard walking nearby, and the surround sound was excellent for both those sounds and more evocative ones like wind rustling through a beach cottage. Additionally, it has a strong bottom end, which makes bullets pop.
The mid-bass range is likewise heavily emphasized in the bass. This causes it to occasionally appear to dominate, sitting beneath discourse in a way that lessens clarity. Additionally, there is a general lack of mid-range delineation, not simply that mid-bass excess. Voices, whether they belong to singers or fictional characters, don’t jump out as much as I’d want in the mix.
The acoustic field of the Logitech G Pro X is also a little bit planar. Although this effect is probably enhanced by the lengthy cup ports, it is relatively wide for a mostly closed-back headphone and lacks the depth of the greatest headsets. The G Pro X works best when connected to a PC since stereo image is diffuse rather than precise.
The G Pro X Wireless offers a wide range of microphone modifications using Blue Voice technology via the Logitech G Hub software, just like the wired version does. The microphone’s processing options include a basic three-band equalization as well as separate and programmable elements including a high-pass filter, noise reduction, expander/gate, de-esser, compressor, and limiter. You may adjust these parameters in great detail to produce the sound that best suits your preferences, and you can even use a choice of presets from Blue and various esports players.
The microphone has a wide range of adjustments, and with a little fiddling, you can get good sound out of it, but it doesn’t sound nearly as full or clear right out of the box as the microphones on many of Razer’s headsets, including the Kraken Ultimate. My voice sounded a little thin and compressed without fiddling with the parameters. Additionally, the noise cancellation overcompensated for the hum from my air conditioner, giving test recordings an unnatural tone. The sound was significantly enhanced by turning off the air conditioner and manually pushing up the mids and lowering the highs in the EQ. Of course, we advise purchasing a specialized USB microphone if you’re truly serious about recording or broadcasting.
Our results were broadly consistent with Logitech’s claim that the G Pro X Wireless’ battery should last more than 20 hours on a single charge. The Logitech G Pro X Wireless lasted 21 hours, 33 minutes in our test at a constant output of 75dB. Although it doesn’t allow any form of fast charging, the headset can also be recharged using USB-C, and a complete recharge shouldn’t take more than a few hours.
The same as the Logitech G Pro X, this headset is excellent for playing video games. It’s comfortable for extended amounts of time, so someone who prefers to spend the entire day in front of a screen rather than just an hour shouldn’t experience any problems. With simplicity, the G Pro X Wireless balanced game sounds with major scored soundtracks in PC games like Hades and Paradise Killer.
With a carrying case, leather and velour earpads, phone and computer connections, a PC Y splitter, and the Blue Voice feature preinstalled via the software, the Logitech G Pro X costs $129.99. The Logitech G Pro costs $99.99 and has the similar look, but lacks velour earpads, Blue Voice, a phone cable, and 3D audio.
As you have seen this review on Logitech G Pro X Review.  The Logitech Pro X is an excellent gaming headset with terrific sound and customizable settings thanks to its user-friendly software. Despite being rather expensive, the headset is worthwhile to buy because of what it can give. The device provides a neutral audio experience with a balanced sound profile that emphasizes both the music and game impacts.
It is also nice that it doesn’t overshadow dialogue, singing, or main instruments. You can quickly alter the Pro X’s audio profile and optimize your listening experience with the accompanying app. The Logitech Pro X gaming headset is something we heartily endorse. It’s a great choice, especially for gamers who demand comfort and surround sound for extended gaming sessions. Additionally, it’s excellent for voice calls, making it perfect for at-home employees.
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