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The global livestream experience – ‘The Cuphead Show! presents: Roll The Dice’ – took place on Friday August 5th and encouraged fans of the show to band together for exclusive content and surprises prior to the season two episode drop. The 20-minute live game show streamed simultaneously on Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch Live and generated more engagements than Drop 1 (premiere day) and went on to trend on Twitter. The livesteam saw a remarkable 100% engagement rate, meaning that every user who joined ended up participating in the fun. 

The Cuphead Show! presents: Roll The Dice was only made available as a result of fans’ participation via a ‘flock to unlock’ call to action across the show’s social accounts. The release of the interactive online event depended upon fans following the show’s accounts and engaging with the content. Once the target metrics were achieved, the announcement was made that “Roll the Dice” would return to the air and participants were provided with invitations to the livestream event as a reward. The ‘flock to unlock’ was driven by a The Cuphead Show! social account takeover by Stickler, The Devil’s annoyingly accurate accountant, who took over the show’s social feeds to implore for fans help in restoring The Devil’s records. Fans added their own names to the list and invited their like-minded friends to join the ledger as well. 
During the livestream event, fans crowdsourced answers in their respective chats to drive outcomes in the game show (via manual measurement), through challenges like ‘Name That Tune’, rounds of Trivia, and ‘Roll the Dice’ before they were all sent to the mystery prize room to see a brand new trailer and clip for the new episodes. Show promotion ran across the show’s social accounts, relevant Netflix social accounts and even on fan Reddit. Brand owner and game creator, StudioMDHR also supported the campaign on their accounts. 
The activation was concepted and executed by creative agency, GLOW. The engaging social stunt gave fans the extra gaming experience they have come to expect from the show given its roots as a consumer game. Though the activation honed in on gamers and animation lovers across all ages (two primary segments), the experience offered something fun for all-family viewers.The Cuphead Show! series is based on the eight-times platinum video game that launched in 2017 and enjoys a strong social following. The long-awaited “Delicious Last Course” expansion dropped on June 30 and is already at platinum status. The Cuphead Show! launched on Netflix in February of this year and the second drop of episodes on the streaming service is planned for August 19th.
“Now more than ever, it’s vital to create elevated entertaining experiences for fans in the gaming universe,” said Sean Lynam, director of strategy, GLOW. “Our goal is to celebrate the dedicated, and diverse fanbase of The Cuphead Show! while bringing interactive experiences to new audiences as well.”
“Cuphead fans are passionate, intelligent and brand-savvy — people who seek opportunities to immerse themselves in the adventure found on the Inkwell Isles,” said Beth Nock, brand marketing director, King Features. “So, it is our responsibility to provide products and experiences that meet those high expectations. The “Roll the Dice” social stunt developed by GLOW really delivered because they got to know the fanbase well and worked closely with the show producers to ensure the content and livestream experience rang true. It was exciting to watch fans’ immediate and positive response to the content on social media and to see, in real-time, the insatiable demand that the brand instills in its following.”
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