Let's Talk About 70 Dollar Games For PS5 & Xbox Series X

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Next Generation consoles will bring better looking and performing games as well as more expensive games. Today I wanted to talk a bit about games increasing in price, something that hasn’t happened since 2005. Things are a bit different now though with game companies figuring out other ways to make a ton of money outside of the initial purchase price.

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    Red Demon says:

    $70 is a great price for a full game, no dlc, and with an entertainment score of 9/10 or higher . Problem is that not all games are equal, and games that carry paid dlc or are mediocre don’t deserve that price tag. No pre orders from now on. Game better be top notch unique for me to buy it at that price point

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    ToxicStorm says:

    I remember on PS3 when games were 20 dollars and online was free then PS4 games were 30 dollars and online was paid for now we have 60-70 dollar games and we have to pay for online.
    I littiraly just wanted to play call of duty modern warfare 2019 but It was 60 dollars and it’s hard to convince my parents to spend 60 dollars on a single game video game in my opinion 30 dollars should have been the maximum amount for a game, but bigger games like rdr2 are reasonable high amounts, I’m not paying 70 dollars for something I’ll beat in a week then never play again.

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    Vincent lodato says:

    i mean im not saying i WANT to pay more. but some SNES games cost $50/$60 in like 1996. I think the whole thing should change. I think the base game with cut content/ portion of story for a lower price like $30/$40 and then DLC/season pass to finish everything out and gain all features. This allows a low entry fee to try it out and also allows you to spend more on what you play more/ enjoy more.

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    Chand P says:

    its crazy how if you buy 4 new games it is litterly worth close to the new console just play the free games every month they give thats what i do tbh

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    Chand P says:

    looks like the new trend will change and more snd more people will just wait out and buy games when their cheap cause covid time people dont want to spend 70 on game which can be food money for like a week.

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