• Thu. Sep 22nd, 2022

IDEMIA's Facial Recognition Technology Ranks First on NIST False Match Rate Fairness Test – HS Today – HSToday


Sep 16, 2022

IDEMIA has announced that its facial recognition technology has ranked first on the false match rate (“FMR”) fairness test among the 100 most accurate algorithms in the latest Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). These results are in line with IDEMIA’s previous rankings
IDEMIA’s false match rate between different demographic groups hardly differs. The algorithm identifies all subjects equally well, regardless of demographic. 
IDEMIA has also maintained its position in the top three of the FRVT 1:N Identification ranking, with 99.88% rank 1 accuracy against a 12 million dataset.
Additionally, IDEMIA’s iris recognition technology renewed its first place for single-eye accuracy with its latest submission to IREX 10 benchmark.
On fingerprint recognition technology, IDEMIA’s AFIS-class algorithm ranked first on most datasets in the PFT III benchmark, which measures the performance of one-to-one fingerprint matching with proprietary templates.
Read more at IDEMIA and see the full FRVT results at NIST



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