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Turn up the volume! Read on for the lowdown on selecting your new favourite accessory: a gaming headset.
Without sound, gaming just isn’t the same. However, playing at top volume at home, in your apartment, or on your commute, likely isn’t an option.
That’s why most gamers choose to wear headphones, with the even more initiated opting for specialised gaming headsets. Why?
Offering superior surround sound, noise isolation and directional sound cues, over-ear gaming headsets provide a fully immersive experience for users – and an edge when it comes to beating out their competition.
We’ve got the inside scoop on the best headsets available in the UK and how to identify which style is right for you, based on your console preferences.
The average gaming headset price ranges from £50 up to £300 depending on its brand, build quality and features. However, there are definitely options on either side of this range too. As a general rule, if you’re paying any more than £150 you can expect to get a pretty great quality headset.
Like each player, every gaming headset offers something unique. So, while you know a proper headset is your best option, make sure your chosen pair includes the features you need before you commit.
Sound quality is important when it comes to any audio device. When it comes to gaming headsets, the best ones offer a balance between clarity and bass, for clear audibility in-game. Too much bass without clarity may result in difficulty hearing important game cues and vocal snippets.
To best absorb and react to directional sound cues when gaming, surround sound (such as 7.1 or Dolby Atmos), is preferred. By enhancing your sense of hearing, you have an edge over other players, which is particularly important if you are a professional gamer.
While many gaming headsets, particularly lower-cost models, don’t feature active noise cancellation (ANC), the nature of the over-ear design does restrict a certain amount of noise, naturally. If you want to completely block out the outside world, however, make sure you look for ANC.
With an array of gaming devices now available, there is a headset designed for each. When it comes to connectivity, you have wired, wireless, and hybrid. When shopping, ensure you select a design that’s compatible with your gaming devices.
Though wireless devices are “in,” the majority of gaming headsets are actually wired, due to their superior sound quality and minimal chance of audio drop-outs mid-game. Wired sets may feature an audio jack, USB, lightning cable, or other detachable cables so, again, make sure you select the one best for your console or device.
While wireless gaming headsets are available, they’re likely to cost a lot more than a wired set. Due to their nature, wireless headsets usually offer Bluetooth, RF, or WiFi connectivity, whilst hybrid headsets offer a combination of wired and wireless connectivity.
After you’ve ensured a gaming headset meets your tech needs, take a look at its physical fit. The ideal headset should be super comfortable, as you may have it on for hours at a time.
We look at five key elements when trying on a headset:
Having considered the above, we’ve selected a handful of our favourite game-changing headsets to keep your eye out for when shopping…
Alienware is well-known for its cutting-edge, high-end gaming PCs and accessories. The Tri-Mode AW920H headset is the latest addition to its range and is undoubtedly one of the best gaming headsets around.

Featuring 2.4 GHz RF and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, as well as a USB and 3.5mm cable, it’s a hybrid headset with plenty to offer. We love its clean design, which features unique unidirectional mics built discreetly into each earcup.
Not ready to drop a week’s wages on a gaming headset, but still after quality sound and performance? Costing a fraction of the price of its competitors, the JBL Quantum 100, still offers wired connectivity with solid sound and is compatible with most consoles, PCs and mobile devices.
SteelSeries is a top name in premium gaming audio. The Arctis 5 is one of their best wired gaming headsets for both PS4 and PS5, featuring an ultra-comfy, cool design. Its range also includes other notable wired and wireless gaming headsets, such as the Arctis 7, Arctis 9 and Arctis Prime.
As the number one gaming accessories manufacturer in the US, Razer is well-known for its range of high-performance, distinctly stylish gaming accessories and computers. The Razer Kraken is one of its premier wired Xbox gaming headsets and is available in an array of colours and price points, depending on your preference. depending on your colour choice, it’s also very affordable.
The Alienware AW510H is the equally cool, yet much more affordably priced, wired sibling of the Tri-Mode. If you happen to own an Alienware M15 laptop or PC already, it’s the perfect accomplice. It features 7.1 Dolby surround sound, Alienware Immersive Audio and detachable USB and 3.5mm cables.
Are you looking for a gaming headset that will get along with your USB-equipped gaming devices, such as Mac, Nintendo Switch and select mobile phones? The Asus ROG Theta may be the answer, with both a USB-C and USB-A connector and compatibility across various USB devices.
We couldn’t write up a ‘best gaming headsets’ list without including one uber-cute option… The Razer Kraken Kitty Edition is a firm favourite amongst females in the gaming community Featuring built-in kitty ears with customisable chrome lighting, it’s definitely no wallflower!
Gaming headsets are a necessity for most gamers due to the sheer amount of audio cues they need to be across. And let’s face it – as a non-gamer, there are few sounds more annoying than explosions, sirens and calls coming from a gaming screen. So, getting your gamer a headset will save you a lot of mental stress.
Besides providing peace and the gamer some privacy, gaming headsets offer superior audio playback and clarity compared to PC or TV speakers.
While shopping for the perfect gaming headset can be tricky, overall the Alienware Tri-Mode AW920H is our top choice. With hybrid connectivity options, it caters to both those with wireless and wired needs.
Alternatively, the ASUS ROG Theta is the best gaming headset for USB-C connectivity, while the SteelSeries Arctis 5 or RAZER Kraken are also solid options for gamers using consoles.
And, if you’re after something a little cuter than usual, you can’t go past the RAZER Kraken Kitty Edition.
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