How do Smart Contract Solutions by Dwarf AI solve the Web 3.0 problem?

Smart Contract Solutions by Dwarf AI
Smart Contract solutions by Dwarf AI

Smart Contract usability has completely transformed the world of Blockchain Technology. Whenever the defined conditions are satisfied by these pieces of code or Smart Contracts, then it automatically pushes an agreement that has to be followed by the platform. In the present context, Smart contracts are the building blocks of decentralized applications (dapps) that have the potential to acquire millions of users.

At this very early stage only, the Defi Smart Contracts value is about USD 84 billion, which makes the market more bullish about its use cases, with the changing time the users are moving towards customised solutions and services, and that is what Dwarf AI is up to with providing its top-notch range of services to their customers.

Defi Smart contract demand will plunge to US$ 1460.3 million by the year 2028 after its boom seen in the year 2020, Ethereum is the preferred choice among the developers of the decentralised application( dapps), with Polygon, Solana, Binance and Tron smart contracts also gaining significant momentum among users.

What do people say about Defi Smart Contract services provided by Dwarf AI?

Smart contract adoption has seen a surge due to its high speed and optimised cost of operation. As Smart Contract development service providers, we got the great expertise in this domain, and it is our priority to share the experience of our customers with you, which are as follows :

  • Operation cost is minimal: The Dwarf AI solutions create the defi smart contract in such a way that dapps functioning requires the bare minimum manual interventions, hence it reduces the overall cost.
  • Reduce or eliminate the risk: Existing financial systems are fed up with the manipulations, and here where Dwarf AI Smart contacts solutions come into play, the inputs which were given to the systems in the presence of Defi smart contracts are now free of any manipulation.
  • No or fewer intermediaries- The contract is exclusively between mutual parties and so there is no such intermediary that exists.
  • Accuracy in Transactions- The errors in transactions have been negated since automation is the key driver of Smart contract development.
  • Execution in real Time-To operates the finances and businesses in real-time the defi smart contract provides the solutions where automated codes are executed which are just like Ethereum or Tron Smart Contract services.

Expertise Dwarf AI possesses over different domains for Smart Contract Deployment

1. Financial Services

a) Settlements — The recommended Smart Contract software by DwarfAI, manages the work between mutual parties and clarifies the transaction amount, whenever the conditions get satisfied, the transfer takes place within no time.

b) Coupons Transactions- Smart Contracts, were created in such a way that it automates the payments in defined intervals, also when the bond lapse the base amount is paid back.

c) Processing Insurance claims- Dwarf AI’s Smart contract services create the smart contract in such a way that it works upon automating the router, checking errors, and performing the calculations and processing of payouts.

2) NFTs &Tokenisation- Real-world asset value gets blocked in the form of tokens using smart contracts, these real-world assets work on blockchain & through a smart contract, they have been traded and tracked on the exchange rates.

3) Decentralized Applications (Dapps) on betting- Betting industry is all in news because of wrong practices such as manipulations but even though this betting industry finds a strong use case for Smart contracts.

Smart Contacts can be designed to combat the following in the betting industry :

  1. Betting odds
  2. Delayed Settlement
  3. Wrong Transactions

4) Gaming Applications- Smart Contracts by using random verifiable functions can improve the offering given through lucky draws or drops.

5)Speculative Market- To get the real-time movement of any market including the crypto market, the recommended Dwarf AI’s smart contract software and data oracle can work in sync to get the real-time execution.

6 ) Supply Chain Traceability- Smart contracts in the supply chain curb the complexities such as lack of traceability and transparency through automated verification and execution of the multiple business transactions involved. Dwarf AI unveiled its repository named supply chain traceability, do have the look at it as it exclusively solves the complexities involved in the supply chain.

Wrapping Up

Smart Contracts have revolutionized the world, especially when it comes to information exchange at the individual level. Smart contracts opened up a plethora of opportunities emerging in financial services and so it can be said in the coming days there will be a lot more integration of smart contracts in our day-to-day mobile applications which are similar to swiggy, zomato, Ola, uber etc.

If you are excited about your business idea in Web 3.0 and want to leverage Dwarf AI solutions, then reach out to our blockchain development experts.

Author- Kratikesh Mishra

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