Hogwarts Legacy | State of Play | March 17, 2022 [ENGLISH]

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Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. Games are happy to partner with PlayStation to bring you a special edition of State of Play entirely dedicated to Hogwarts Legacy. The show will run for about 20 minutes, featuring over 14 minutes of Hogwarts Legacy game-play captured on PS5, and concluding with some insight from a few members of the team at Avalanche Software who are bringing the Wizarding World to life.

Regarding Co-streaming and Video-On-Demand (VOD)
Please note that this broadcast may include copyrighted content (e.g. licensed music) that PlayStation does not control. We welcome and celebrate our amazing co-streamers and creators, but licensing agreements outside our control could interfere with co-streams or VOD archives of this broadcast. If you’re planning to save this broadcast as a VOD to create recap videos, or to repost clips or segments from the show, we advise omitting any copyrighted music.

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    Lucy says:

    I wonder how the PS4 version will look like. The video makes it look like a really realistic and detailed environment that need the extra graphics power with all those effects and large scale rendering. I hope it will still look and play decent enough

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    Vlerke Damne says:

    Absolutely love it !! Except for casting spells.. The fighting looks a little odd and artificial. Would love if they added some more ‘weight’ to the spells and a cooldown. It reminds me of the HP7 game where your wand is literally a machine gun…

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