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    EBE - Die and Retry says:

    I regret having bought GT7! THIS bad buzz is the best thing that can happen to our little world of gaming!
    Otherwise tomorrow we will have micro transactions in Elden ring itself!!
    How many “weak” but rich (or not) players would drop cash to get Rune Chests?!!
    If we players don’t react! The financiers will come and ruin everything… even more than is already the case!! (And all the big companies, Microsoft more than anyone else, sometimes have 2x more financiers/marketers than developers/producers..)

    I’m obviously one of the players who went to put a 1 on metacritic (not zero, because they will most likely delete all zeros, soon)

    And there is only one solution to this fiasco, it is to remove these micro transactions which have absolutely no place in a GT that we paid full price!

    My alternative solution: only make COSMETICS available for purchase!!

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    N V says:

    It´s a freaking online racing game that ONLY RICH people can enjoy! We PLAY race games because we CAN´T afford these cars. now you are making it impossible for players to buy the rare cars because you are literally saying, you have to slave away at our game just like IN REAL LIFE to get one of these cars. YES, without using your stupid microtransactions it takes ages to get 1 rare car. You are literally saying, you don´t have the time or the money to earn or pay this incredible car, well bad luck you will never be able to play this car in our game. you are actively putting base content of a racing game behind a paywall. I BOUGHT THE GAME, IF I BUY A HOUSE I DON`T HAVE TO PAY EXTRA TO UNLOCK MY SHOWER OR MY KITCHEN. Why would I pay 30$ for 1 car in your game?? Do you think we are dumb?? HOW do you even have the guts to do something like this? this is not apex legend where people pay to unlock a legend or COD where people pay to unlock skins. No, this is a racing game, people buy it to race the cars they can´t afford and here you go asking half of the price of the freaking game for some cars? now with update 1.08 intentionally reducing the prizemoney people get from races to make it even harder for them? having a fake roulette that instead of 1 in 5 chances as portrayed in the game is actually a 1 in 30 chance and everyone is getting the lowest possible price 90% of the time. You know you´re getting sued over this don´t you? you are intentionally lying to people. and after the 2 week refund period you are making changes, involving money and the ability to unlock cars. making it harder for people to unlock cars and trying to force them into using real life money to buy a car they want to drive. If a car was between 1 dollar or 5 dollar that would have been fine. and if you would add more and more cars and variants over time that would have been fine. BUT 30$ FOR ONE CAR! your managers are honestly high all the time and need to get back to reality REEEAAAAAAL fast!

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    mark clyne says:

    Whoever did not see a cash grab coming in this game obviously didnt play GT Sport. This is not a driving simulator, its a credit card simulator! Always connected to work too, lol! Cya!

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    Screen Milk says:

    Wait GRAN TURISMO 7 in 2025. The Game Patch will relase 2025 on E3 Game Expo…..hmmmm.🤔 What is? CyberTruck?
    Is this real? Yeah… it’s mystery and conspiracy too…

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