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    EBE - Die and Retry says:

    I regret having bought GT7! THIS bad buzz is the best thing that can happen to our little world of gaming!
    Otherwise tomorrow we will have micro transactions in Elden ring itself!!
    How many “weak” but rich (or not) players would drop cash to get Rune Chests?!!
    If we players don’t react! The financiers will come and ruin everything… even more than is already the case!! (And all the big companies, Microsoft more than anyone else, sometimes have 2x more financiers/marketers than developers/producers..)

    I’m obviously one of the players who went to put a 1 on metacritic (not zero, because they will most likely delete all my zeros, soon)

    And there is only one solution to this fiasco, it is to remove these micro transactions which have absolutely no place in a GT that we paid full price!

    My alternative solution: only make COSMETICS available for purchase!!

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    Bahn says:

    If you want to capture what made Gran Turismo special, you cannot also make it take impossibly long to buy every car and then offer mtx… you are killing the game and the fandom.

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    Francisco Vargas says:

    Been a huge fan of the series stop the disrespect and fix the credits!!! If u want more money go free to play next time on the android store!!!!! U guys dont fix this i will never buy this franchise ever again!!!!!

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