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After a veritable flurry of GT7-related news earlier today — a potential Beta, and a look at a possible new official wheel for the game — the title has also popped up in a promo video for PS5.

The new video is titled “Stunning Visuals”, and it focuses on the various graphics technologies and capabilities of the new console. That includes details like ray-tracing, native 4K resolution, and 120fps frame rates.

Naturally, the next-generation Gran Turismo 7 is a good showcase for these advances, and features alongside Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and Demon’s Souls in the sequence.

Although the video mainly uses clips we’ve previously seen from Gran Turismo 7 promotional videos, there are still a few things to unpack.

Firstly, the scenes used are for the most part slightly longer, meaning we do get to see slightly more than before. That does throw us a particularly interesting, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment on the in-car clip with the Porsche Carrera GT.

As the car is driving, the temperature gauge within the instrument cluster drops from 16.4°C to 16.3°C and then goes back up to 16.4°C. That could indicate that track temperature is something actively measured and playing a role within the game’s physics engine.

Notably, the video refers to Gran Turismo 7 as being “In development for PlayStation”. That’s another hint that, as suggested by PlayStation Studios head Hermen Hulst earlier this year, GT7 is a cross-gen title and will be available on PlayStation 4 as well as PlayStation 5. Previous cross-gen games have also carried this legend, while PS5 exclusives have been labelled as such — including Gran Turismo 7 when first revealed.

If nothing else it’s another glimpse at GT7 after a very barren spell of information following the game’s delay to 2022. That might suggest a renewed push on promotion, so keep an eye on GTPlanet for any new details that arise.

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