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It’s the next evolution of cloud gaming.
Google seems to be testing a new feature that would allow players to launch games from Google search results using Stadia’s cloud services.
As reported by IGN, YouTube creator Bryant Chappel discovered the update when Google searching the game Control. Chappel shared a video showing a new option that appeared in the game’s information rundown on the right side of the screen: “Play now.”
“Stream Control Ultimate Edition. No download required,” read the text underneath the game’s title. Players can then choose to boot up the game instantly through Stadia, although a Stadia subscription is still required. Chappel chooses the “play” option, which brings him to a Stadia loading screen before starting the game right from Chrome.
It looks like the Google search engine has a new update for cloud gaming platforms!!!

When searching for a game players can now launch a game directly from the search results utilizing @GoogleStadia.
In subsequent tweets, Chappel posted screenshots of other cloud services that are options for different games. Amazon Luna, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and GeForce Now appear to be options for some, but not all, games depending on their platform availability and the publisher’s choice. The update reportedly also works on mobile devices, according to additional screenshots from Chappel. Dot Esports attempted to test the feature but was unable to find it in several Google searches. It appears to still be in testing or only available for a select few users or regions.
The goal of cloud gaming is to make the latest titles accessible for players who lack powerful enough hardware to run them at their intended settings. Rather than running the game on local hardware, services like Stadia stream the game to players’ consoles, PCs, and mobile devices. While a subscription and a steady internet connection are required, the upfront cost for consumers generally isn’t as high as purchasing a console or gaming PC.
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