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Gamers Are Giving Up Their Hobby Due To Rising Energy Bills, Says Survey – GAMINGbible


Sep 18, 2022

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Published 15:5222 August 2022 BST
| Last updated 16:4422 August 2022 BST

Featured Image Credit: Towfiqu Barbhuiya, Jakub Sisulak via Unsplash
Gaming is an expensive hobby, and I doubt that statement will surprise anyone reading this article. A recent study revealed that gamers in the US spend around $58,000 (£48,950) dollars on gaming during their lifetime, which is a huge amount of money. As new consoles are released, game prices rise with many new-gen titles now costing as much as £70. Add in the fact that companies like Sony are now abolishing free upgrade paths and you can easily see how costs are only growing.
It’s not unique to gaming. Costs are rising in many sectors and it’s causing a cost of living crisis. Most households are finding that they have far less disposable income, if any at all, and entertainment sectors are likely to feel the brunt of that change in spending. In fact, a recent survey proves that gamers are giving up their hobby due to rising energy bills.
Out of 2,000 participants, one in 10 UK gamers are considering abandoning gaming completely as the bill costs continue to rise. Additionally, 21 percent of gamers have been playing for shorter periods of time but 15 percent claim they’re trying to cut costs elsewhere instead, such as when food shopping.
The survey also found out that 53 percent would be willing to lessen their hours spent gaming if it meant saving money on energy bills, but another 46 percent were unwilling to do so. Those participants argued it’s good for mental health and stress relief.
Perhaps most notably, 64 percent of participants were unaware of just how much their gaming habits affected their bills. The full findings can be found via the Carbon Cutting Consoles website.
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