Gamer sells PC to pay for mum's cancer treatment –

Come rain or shine, we always love hearing a wholesome gaming story to make our day. That being said, the story of a gamer on Reddit selling their beloved PC in order to pay for their mum’s cancer treatment has us tearing up.
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Reddit user Carrie_kobayashi24 posted on the r/pcmasterrace subreddit on Monday displaying a picture of their gaming PC with a simple hand-made paper sign on the side reading “RESERVED”.
As explained in the caption, the gamer said that she “sold [her] PC for mom’s cancer treatment”, adding a short but sweet sign-off: “Goodbye PC master race for a while”.

Kobayashi’s thoughtful act and selfless bit of fundraising received plenty of love in the comments, with one person writing: “My brother, as someone told me when I lost my PC, you are still one of us, machine or no. You are a great person for putting your family above your passions. Good luck to your mum and you.”
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Taking a voluntary hiatus for a good cause, the user said that while he probably won’t be able to raise the funds to replace his old desktop with “the latest hardware”, he can’t wait to return to the community.
Quipping in the comments, user Powered_by_bots responded in the best way imaginable, writing: “Best wishes dude. Though you leave the PC Master Race today, we’ll still be here (to) support you with our overclocked potatoes [an term used to describe an old PC that can’t run the latest games] with cheap laughs.”
All the best to your mum, Carrie and we’ll see you back in a multiplayer lobby again sometime real soon.

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