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GAME MASTER Spy Network Tracking Devices Found during Backyard Scavenger Hunt!! (Space Satellite)

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Previously Stephen posted Finding GAME MASTER Real Identity!! (Fingerprint Mystery Evidence Discovered) and took those clue findings and sent them off to a safe house for processing. Now today, after spotting some coyote animals in the Sharer Family backyard, the iPhone device found in the Game Master Power Box Found in Backyard Pond with Spy Gadget Radio Transmitter Device Inside!! This Apple iPhone Xs device was pinging some sort of satellite spy network. So Stephen and his twin like sister Grace Sharer headed outside to explore what this spy gadget device was looking for maybe it was the satellite dish in lime green kryptonite down at the backyard pond! So while the Sharer Family was exploring the mobile communicator device, they realized it was like an iPhone or a Nintendo Gaming Console but stronger because this electronic device has an antenna and while they were looking for the coyote too they were hiding under a tree so the signal was not as strong. Once they arrived with their spy gadget device in hand at the satellite dish, they say a cord. But if the Game Master or Project Zorgo Network spy went through the effort to hide all these transmitting devices so why was this electrical scavenger hunt cord just laying above ground. Ready to be followed not knowing whether to follow it or if this scavenger hunt was an escape room trap, Steven and his sis Grace Sharer started along the backyard scavenger hunt for the final clues. During the river crossing Stephen noticed more coyote dog footprints which made Steven and Grace think that the coyote may be the Game Master pet dog animal. After finding the missing notice note clue attached to the giant power box by the telephone booth, Stephen Sharer decided to head back to the Sharer family house so they could open the mystery iPhone device and find out what is going on with it!

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