The challenge of man v beast, the thrill of the hunt, the adrenaline of competition, Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour lets you feel it all.

Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour introduces a brand-new career mode where you can take part in carp, bass or predator tournaments (or all three) and progress through the ranks from amateur to elite angler. Not only will you need to overcome the challenge of finding and catching the fish, but you will also be up against over 100 professional anglers from across the world in your pursuit of glory. You will gain social media followers and career earnings as you progress which will trigger sponsorship opportunities from over 50 licensed partners featuring in game.

Having found your favorite technique and maybe some hotspots while playing in custom multiplayer, you need to decide what kind of angler you are. Are you going to play with your friends, share your secrets and work together to hone skills further or are you going to battle it out to see who is the best? You decide as you set the parameters of your online session! Customize even further with different rule sets for each round you set up.

If career mode hasn’t got the adrenaline pumping enough then online tournaments/Dovetail Fishing League will do. Take part in different tournaments each week where you compete against different players from around, all of you competing for vital global ranking points to be crowned ‘Angler of the month’. Not only will the sheer kudos of this be plenty to boast about but in-game rewards and real-world prizes should focus the mind like a giant bass preparing to strike your lure!

Don’t fish in real life? Fear not! In-game tutorials, tooltips and easy to master controls means you can go into freedom fishing and master your skills in no time. Talking of mastery, community and mastery challenge systems give you another reason to target the 29 species found in the game across 10 different venues and unlocks exclusive items.

Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour is ready to reel you in this summer!