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    Sin-Khoy says:

    Russian gamers launched a petition in which they called on Sony Interactive Entertainment to unblock the PlayStation Store and return to them the opportunity to fully use their previously paid subscription to the PlayStation Plus service.
    As a reminder, operations in the Russian PS Store are currently suspended. PS Plus members can’t even claim the free March games if they haven’t previously added them to their library. The platform holder does not give official comments on this topic.

    “Subject to the PlayStation Network Terms of Service as published by Sony on the PlayStation website, users are entitled to make purchases from the PS Store (section 15 section 1). In addition, pursuant to sections 3.9 and 3.10 section 26 of these same terms, Sony is solely responsible for blocking access to PSN services for its part We also draw the attention of the company to the fact that users of the Russian Federation have a paid PS Plus subscription, the use of which in a limited mode is also a violation of user rights.
    We require the company to unblock the PS Store due to violation of user rights. Please note to Sony that games should not be related to politics and are purely entertainment in nature,” the petition reads.

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