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Claims News: Cape/Canopy Weather, Eberl/Wilbur, Cognisure AI/ Duck Creek Tech – Claims Journal


Sep 16, 2022

CAPE Analytics and Canopy Weather Launch New ‘Hail Roof Damage Rating’
CAPE Analytics, provider of AI-powered geospatial property intelligence, announced the launch of Hail Roof Damage Rating, developed in partnership with weather technology company Canopy Weather.
Driven by machine learning, the Hail Roof Damage Rating indicates the likelihood of post-storm damage to roofs after severe weather and can accurately predict the subset of claims eligible for automated, straight-through processing with over 96 percent accuracy.
The rating identifies high probability claims that can be fast-tracked—within hours of a storm—benefiting policyholders and reducing loss adjustment expenses through automation.
CAPE and Canopy began their partnership in 2021. Through their partnership and co-development of new products like the Hail Roof Damage Rating, the two companies seek not only to improve access to high quality data, but to bring forth new risk insights that were previously unavailable.
Eberl and Wilbur Partner on Claims Technology
Eberl Claims Service, a U.S. provider of property claims adjusting services, announced a strategic partnership agreement and exclusive license with global claims technology provider Wilbur (Wilbur.io), to use its technology to streamline the claims management process.
From first notice and mitigation to virtual or field adjusting and even full repair, the technology connects all parties to a claim while integrating with existing carrier core systems.
The partnership delivers on key customer service objectives, including consolidation coordination, transparency, and effective supplier management.
CogniSure AI Announces Partnership With Duck Creek Technologies to Improve Risk Insights
CogniSure AI, an Illinois-based corporation, has entered into partnership with insurance software provider Duck Creek Technologies, to improve underwriting efficiencies and risk decision-making capabilities.
The technology offers commercial insurance carriers the ability to quickly access risk insights buried in submission emails and attachments such as Loss Runs and SOVs.
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