Change Your Online ID on the PlayStation Network

Watch and learn how you can change your Online ID on the PlayStation Network from the PS4. This video walks you through the steps to change your Online ID. To ensure you understand the pros and cons of changing your Online ID, please read the information found here:

Q: Can I transfer an online ID from one account I own to a different account I own?
A: Online ID’s are tied to the original account they were registered on. There is no way to move an online from one account to another, regardless of who the owners of the accounts are.

Q: How do I know if an online ID is available?
A: The best way to know if an online ID is available is to simply type it in the online ID field. You’ll see a message in red should the name be unavailable.

Q: Can I request an inactive ID be made available?
A: All ID’s are permanently attached to the account they were originally created for. This means they can’t be removed or made available.