PLEASE NOTE – Battlefield comes out on November 15th – Gremlins must have got in our system to confuse Jess and the team! We have now implemented anti-gremlin devices to prevent misinformation in the future.

With the biggest news stories of the week, featured content, hints, tips and a look at upcoming new releases, we’ve condensed this week in gaming to give you the TL;DR version.

This week we’re talking about the jump from stage to PC as The Dark Room gets it’s own game, we’ve also got the recently announced release date for Diablo 3 on Switch, and a our impressions from the Battlefield 5 Grand Operations Beta.

New Releases –
Pokemon Let’s Go –
Diablo 3 –
FIFA 19 –
The Dark Room –
Battlefield 5 –
Moonlighter –
Life Is Strange 2 –
Forza Horizon 4 –

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