Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is available now!
Koji Igarashi (Iga), creator of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, is bringing Igavania back!
Play as Miriam, a cursed orphan whose body is slowly being crystallized. Explore and conquer a demon-infested castle to save the world, and yourself in the process.
Omg there’s so much to cover, geez…ok here we go:
So this is Iga’s biggest game ever, roughly twice as big as his previous games.
There’s crafting, cooking, upgrading and hundreds of weapons, spells, gear and cosmetics to power up and look the way you want while you fight the demons of hell.
We got a celebrity cast to do all the voice acting, including David Hayter(!) from the Metal Gear franchise, and a full orchestra soundtrack by Michiru Yamane, composer of Castlevania: Symphony of the night.
Still with me? Ok good. Pay attention!
Bloodstained’s getting 13 FREE DLCs after launch. That’s right – THIRTEEN. FREE. DLCs.
What’s included in the DLCs? Ugh this thing is gonna go on forever…
Ok so at launch we’re including:
– New Game Plus
– 8bit Level
– Nightmare Difficulty
– Pure Miriam Set
– Boss Rush Mode
– Speed Run Mode
After launch you’re getting:
– Co-op & Vs.
– Local and online multiplayer
– Roguelike dungeon
– 2 extra playable characters
– Chaos Mode
– Classic Mode
– Boss Revenge Mode
Oh yeah and the game has alternate endings!
Omg is that it? Yeah? Ok good.
Go buy Bloodstained now! I mean I took all this time to write this. How rude would it be if you didn’t buy it after everything I just wrote? You’re not a rude person are you?
Of course not.
Glad we settled that.
And if you don’t buy it, Iga will get mad at me. Dude has a whip, ok? ; _ ;
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