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(Pocket-lint) – The Beyerdynamic MMX 100 is a wired, closed-back analogue gaming headset – and one that provides an interesting alternative to the Beyerdynamic MM 150.
Where the more expensive MM 150 is designed to work on a PC with a USB connection, the MMX 100 instead uses 3.5mm cables, making it compatible with more devices.

Yet, the Beyerdynamic MMX 100 promises premium studio-quality sound with drivers tuned specifically for gamers by the company’s engineers.
So, if you want precise sound for gaming sessions without breaking the bank, then this might be an option.
How does it hold up in use, though? We’ve been gaming with this headset to find out. 
The Beyerdynamic MMX 100 is another great gaming headset from the brand.
This is not only more affordable than the other headsets on offer, but it’s also great for the price, too. 
In use, the MMX 100 boasts a rich soundscape with a great-sounding bass and pleasant audio range. The soundscape is precise for FPS gaming, and pleasant on the ears for music and movies, too.
All this is rounded off with a fantastic microphone. The only downside for us, really, is the size of the earcups, which are a touch too small for our liking. 
The first thing that struck us about the Beyerdynamic MMX 100 headset is the design of the earcups. This headset has a closed-back design with plush memory foam cushioned earcups and a faux leather outer. The result of this combination is an excellent passive noise cancellation that blocks out a decent amount of surrounding environmental noise and lets you just focus on your game. 
The MMX 100 also has 40mm drivers, which the company claims can help deliver ‘studio-quality’ sound.
We certainly enjoyed a rich soundscape with pleasantly warm bass and plenty of punch. This is a stereo gaming headset, so there’s no virtual surround sound as standard (though you can use Dolby Atmos or Windows Sonic Sound), yet the MMX 100 delivers pleasantly precise gaming audio.
It’s equally punchy for listening to music or watching movies – and certainly easy on the ears. 
Our gripe, however, is the size of the earcups. For us, they’re just a bit too small, and the round shape means they tend to squash your ears a little during long gaming sessions. They’re easily removable, though, so could potentially be upgraded.
That said, the clamping force is excellently balanced, and the hinges that hold the earcups tilt nicely to fit the shape of your head. 
The headband is nicely extendable and flexible, too, so it’s easy to get a good fit. At 296g, the MMX 100 is fairly light, and it certainly doesn’t weigh you down during the day. There’s some nice padding on the headband, so that helps with the comfort, as well. 
As for connectivity, we’ve already mentioned that the MMX 100 uses 3.5mm. It has two cables included in the box – a short single 3.5mm cable for use on a console or other things, and a longer split 3.5mm that connects to both microphone and headphone jacks on your PC. 
These are nice quality cables with a braided finish. They’re removable, too, so you can swap them out depending on how you’re using the headset, which is a bonus.
One downside, though, is we found that the cables rub too easily against your clothing and that sound can be heard in the headset earcup.
And, if you’re really animated, it’s also picked up by the microphone, which is less than ideal. 
The headset does have an easy access volume wheel and mic mute button located on the earcup, though, which certainly adds convenience to the design when playing.
The main highlight of the MMX 100 might be the microphone. 
Like the MMX 150, this model sports a meta voice microphone that not only eliminates background noise but also delivers a natural sound.
A bold claim, but certainly one we found to be true. This headset has a great-sounding microphone and one that doesn’t sound compressed or muddy like other mics on lesser headsets.

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It’s not as good as a dedicated microphone, but it’s still fairly fantastic. 
The Beyerdynamic MMX 100 is a great headset for the money. It offers great sound, a good fit, a capable microphone and more. It’s well worth considering, especially if you have small ears.

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