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Sep 21, 2022

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The best gaming headsets can turn a video game from a fun distraction into a fully immersive experience. While cheap headphones can technically reproduce the sound of a game, a great gaming headset can highlight important noises, deliver rich music, let you customize your soundscape for different applications, and communicate with your teammates with a high-quality microphone.
The best gaming headsets are all about great audio, but there are other factors at play. You need it to have a great microphone for communications, as well as the kind of comfort that will see you through marathon gaming sessions. It’s easy to forget how much time you spend wearing a gaming headset, but if they’re any good, you should forget you’re wearing them.
The best gaming headsets can turn a video game from a fun distraction into a fully immersive experience. While cheap headphones can technically reproduce the sound of a game, a great gaming headset can highlight important noises, deliver rich music, let you customize your soundscape for different applications, and communicate with your teammates with a high-quality microphone.
A quality Gaming Headset can help ensure these audio issues aren’t a concern for you. The best wired and wireless headphones offer crisp, clear audio. Some feature custom equalizers and surround sound so you can really fine-tune your audio experience to get an edge in games. Below we have mentioned the best wireless Gaming Headsets.
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When it comes to streaming, having a good computer microphone can be more important than the quality of your game audio. However, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of finding the best streaming microphone, this Logitech headphones is a great all-in-one solution with a microphone designed for streaming and booming surround sound.
The Logitech G Pro X incorporates some of Blue’s legendary microphone technology to capture a clear, natural, and isolated recorded voice. Plus, you can use Blue VO!CE software to automatically tune your voice with presets, making it a great choice for broadcasting and podcasting microphone. As a simple gaming headset, the Logitech G Pro X is no slouch either. It generates huge, soulful audio, but doesn’t sacrifice higher-frequency sounds to achieve it.
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Keeping it simple but maintaining some quality too, we think the Corsair HS35 is one of the best gaming Cheap headsets when. Regardless, the HS35 really bucks the trend of lower price tags that generally mean much less quality. Just because you’re saving some money doesn’t mean you have to give up all the delicious sound goodness. The Corsair HS35 is the headset for anyone looking to save money and still get a decent pair of cans.
From our point of view, this is a carefully crafted piece of kit, with a sturdy yet comfortable build and some impressive audio qualities. A fully detachable unidirectional microphone is optimized for voice quality while reducing ambient noise, so you’re heard loud and clear. Plush memory foam with adjustable ear cups, combined with a lightweight construction, provides the comfort you need for hours of gaming.
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They offer large 60mm neodymium magnet drivers with unmatched punch. Improve your gaming experience tenfold with clear audio and vibrant sound. This gaming headset with microphone comes with a fully adjustable and detachable arm. In-line adjustable volume provides added comfort during phone calls and in-game chat. The Cerberus wired headset is equipped with 100mm full-size PU-coated leather ear cushions that are not only durable but also offer effective noise isolation so you can enjoy your game and music undisturbed. The ASUS Gaming Headset Cerberus Wired  is perfect for those looking for a headset with a microphone. Ideal for both gaming and everyday listening, without compromising on style, quality or comfort.
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The SteelSeries Arctis 7X is the wireless gaming headset to get. It doesn’t offer as many features as its big brother, the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless, but it comes at a much more affordable price of $149. The SteelSeries Arctis 7X is also a bit more special, as you can use it wirelessly with Xbox Series X, PS5 and PS4, Nintendo Switch, or a gaming PC.
Looking beyond the platform specs, the Arctis 7X features strong wireless via a USB-C dongle and delivers powerful audio with the 40mm drivers we’ve come to love in previous headsets. The SteelSeries Arctis 7X still offers a comfortable design with breathable ear cushions and a “ski google” headband that distributes your pressure well. There are also plenty of extras, like surround sound support on Xbox and Windows, improved 24-hour battery life, multiple connectivity options, and a special dedicated ChatMix. All of this makes for a wireless gaming headset that earns its place at the front of the pack.
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The JBL Quantum ONE is a wired headphone that features RGB lighting, active noise cancellation, and unique audio spatialization technology. The headset is heavy, weighing in at 369g, but thankfully the padding on the headband and ear cups help keep it comfortable for several hours at a time. The weight of JBL headphones feel sturdy and well-made, but the extensive use of plastic in the construction detracts somewhat from their value. Additionally, the headset allows the ear cups to swivel to lay flat on a surface, and the headband allows for easy up and down adjustment to fit different head sizes. The JBL Quantum One also offers great flexibility, with options available for both USB and 3.5mm connection. The JBL Quantum One even includes active noise cancellation to help you focus only on the sounds you want to hear.
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The Sennheiser headphones uses a closed design with an adjustable split headband instead of the thicker, more solid continuous headband of the PC 373D. To the relief of your in-game teammates, there’s a noise-canceling microphone that mutes when you stand up and automatically detects/skips breathing sounds.  Customizable surround sound software lets you shape the sound with the downloadable Sennheiser Surround Dongle software.
Flip to mute mic function turns off in-game communication, to seamlessly mute/unmute mic. Volume control on the right ear cup provides “on the fly” sound level adjustment to customize sound levels to your exact preferences. XL memory foam and leatherette ear cushions for best-in-class acoustic seal and comfort, allowing you to stay in the game for as long as you need to, while still having Sennheiser comfort. Durability and reliability are guaranteed through the use of high-quality materials and extensive product testing.
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The Razer Kraken V3 Pro is the latest release model in the latest update to the gaming hardware giant’s Kraken range. And it’s not just an update to the product range it’s a complete departure from previous Krakens and improves them in almost every way. The V3 Pro offers serious firepower, and this has two aspects. First to adopt the latest Razer audio innovations and developments.
The drivers are exquisite and offer a wealth of detail across the sound spectrum, with enemy footsteps clearly indicated for you, as well as the sound of howling wind and gunshots in particular being a delight. It’s even great for music and gatherings. By default it’s a bit triple so it’s worth modifying and it’s also relatively straight forward in Synapse.
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It works with PCs, mobile devices, home theater devices and game consoles, including PS4TM and Xbox OneTM. One headset for all devices allows you to take the Artemis Spectrum G933 from your gaming system to your gaming console and mobile devices. You can also connect your home theater to the USB-powered wireless mixing adapter and listen to TV shows, music or movies wirelessly without disturbing the people in your home.
Assign custom commands using Logitech Gaming Software on the three programmable G-keys for a seamless multimedia and gaming experience. Set custom commands to control audio profiles, move to the next song, enable push-to-talk communication, activate instant command combinations during gaming, and more.
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We hope you understand and like this list of the best gaming headsets to buy. These headphones offer the best sound for gamers at each end of the budget spectrum. Quality drivers ensure you get the best audio, and we’re driving the movement to break the traditional stereotype of overdoing low frequencies, which in most cases produces terrible bass. The best gaming headsets offer more balance drivers that require minimal adjustments on your part.
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