Bear With Me: The Lost Robots is an all new prequel chapter featuring Amber’s brother Flint and the callous detective Ted E. Bear. Available now!

With dark interrogations, sarcastic banter, and challenging puzzles, you can now take to the gritty and bustling undergrounds of Paper City while discovering new characters and rich lore leading up to the events of the first three episodes of Bear With Me. Bear With Me: The Lost Robots features an evocative soundtrack, expansive narrative and a uniquely drawn 2D animated art-style accented by an impressive film noir style that will take you through an emotional rollercoaster of a journey that will determine the fates of our protagonists.

You can play all previously released episodes with Bear With Me: The Complete Collection which includes the new prequel, The Lost Robots!

Bear With Me: The Lost Robots and Bear With Me: The Complete Edition is available now on PlayStation 4.

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