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Are You There Satoshi? It’s me, Linny.


Jul 31, 2022 ,
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Dear Satoshi,

Thanks for gifting us the incredible invention of Bitcoin. I don’t know if you follow the news, but people are talking about it. Some of us love it, and some hate it. Some old men call it rat poison squared and say it is like some venereal disease. Many have already used it to improve their lives, while some want to take it away. There are scammers trying to take advantage and steal people’s money, and greedy people who think it is a get-rich scheme. In the middle are many people like myself who appreciate Bitcoin and want to help it flourish.

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There are many people building new layers and services, and working on extending blockchain to other areas. There are elites and government officials who want to stop Bitcoin or co-opt the technology for nefarious purposes. There are some who believe there is nothing more to innovate and Bitcoin is the only solution. I guess that would be the same as saying Nokia had a flip phone that was great at making calls so we’d better shame Apple into not trying to build a smartphone because we don’t need it since anything other than the flip phone is just a shit-phone. The rest of us believe in innovation and experimentation so we can find new ways to improve people’s lives.

With all the debating, innovating, arguing, and attacking going on I hope you still feel good about what you created. I know you haven’t touched your bitcoins and there are reasons why you would want to remain anonymous. I believe you’ve earned every penny and most of us would have no issue if you decide to cash in. You could also consider using your bitcoins to support those working in the space. There are too many to name but you know who they are. They are writing code, writing books, producing podcasts, teaching, and innovating. These are the people who stay around regardless of the price, building and working through crypto winter, not the people who ebb and flow based on if the price is going up or down.

Source: Pixabay

Stick with us. We’ll do Bitcoin justice. We’ll help it grow and do what you envisioned, and more. We’ll do everything we can to keep it from being corrupted by Wall Street vultures, government autocrats, and wealthy elitist globalists. Thank you for trusting us with it.

Humbly yours,


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