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Sep 19, 2022

September 19, 2022
Awami League’s subcommittee on Science and Technology is set to organise an international conference on the fourth industrial revolution, in an effort to encourage science driven papers to complement the party’s pledge for a smart Bangladesh, a vision to take the course of national progress to a newer height. 
The organisers invited research papers on edutech, computer, electrical, and electronics engineering, ICT, regional connectivity, power and energy, space, geo and blue technology, disaster prevention and management, civil and environmental engineering, transport engineering, road connectivity, digital transformation, fintech, climate change, mitigation and adaptation, agrotech, agro economy, biomedical and genetic engineering, health and life science, AI, IoT, robotics, 5G, automated vehicles and mechatronics, chemical, leather and textile engineering, cybersecurity, professionalism and ethics, big data, machine learning, blockchain, business intelligence, nanotechnology, 3D printing, cyber physio technologies, embedded system, applied science, and emerging technologies. Moreover, any research paper on the fourth industrial revolution is also welcome.
The two-day global conference on this subject, the first of its kind in Bangladesh, will be held at the capital’s Engineers’ Institution, Bangladesh (IEB). Titled ‘International Conference on 4IR for Emerging Future’, the event will revolve around the theme ‘On the road to building Smart Bangladesh and implementing Delta Plan’.
“Under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh is emerging as a role model on the global stage in implementing Digital Bangladesh and achieving economic and social growth,” said Bangladesh Awami League Science and Technology Secretary Engineer Md Abdus Sabur.
“The fourth industrial revolution has brought about remarkable changes to the daily lives of people. Though we have missed the train of first three industrial revolutions, we have poised ourselves to lead the world in the fourth industrial revolution, under the leadership of the prime minister. This timely conference will create an opportunity for a synergy and knowledge sharing among local and foreign policymakers, industries, academia, engineers, scientists, and researchers and be a stepping stone for building a technology-based and knowledge-oriented society.”
Interested candidates have to submit an abstract on the research findings and a brief portfolio by 30 September. Preliminarily selected candidates will be notified on 10 October. 
In the next phase, participants have to submit, by October 25, papers to be presented. Posters are invited from students interested to participate in the conference. They can submit the posters by September 30. The event will award the best paper and poster.
Interested Candidates have to pay the registration fee, which has been set at Tk 1,000 for Bangladeshi professionals and USD100 for foreigners. Bangladeshi students have to pay Tk200 and foreign students USD50. Event details will be available on www.4iref.org. For further information, [email protected] or +8801550155153 can be reached.
4IR / Awami League
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