A Closer Look Inside The New PS5 Console…

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After a video showing the internals of the new PS5 revision released, people are concerned about some changes that Sony made to the cooling. Today I wanted to take a closer look inside and talk about what’s changed.

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    DubD says:

    if worse comes to worse and if it turns out to be bad changes is it possible to just put the old heat sync and fan in the newer revision console or did they make drastic changes to the interior of the system to where its not possible

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    Black Panther says:

    Since the heat sink change I’m concerned vital to heat dissipation and its tiny!!!!! Especially with added M.2 heat/damage after years of pc building this doesn’t look good but maybe I’m wrong 🤷🏻‍♂️ I’m waiting until data is collected. I’ve managed to get hold of 2 ps5s both new variants frustrated and sold on, I didn’t scalp I made £50 if that.

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    Miguel Angel Velazquez Holguin says:

    You can get a “PS5 Fan Accelerator” to increase fan speed by a fixed or custom margin/percentage (there are 2 models available). The noise difference is not really appreciable but the temperature can reduce substantially. I have measured a 10 degrees Celsius reduction.

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    ViktorFr says:

    I got a ps5 a few days ago i live in Australia, and theres a 3rd version of them being shipped out as mine on a box shows:
    Wonder what changes they done again

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    get2choppa says:

    Runs 11c colder. Wish his response video wasn’t doubling down when his “testing” was clearly flawed. It’s like measuring the air coming out of your cars tailpipe to test how hot your engine is

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    Castiel Diallo says:

    You people need to cool your jets. It is unlikey that Sony would make an inferior revision unit. They simply found a way to make the PS5 cheaper. My special edition PS3 still works fine.

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