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Sep 23, 2022

The Dynamic Island comes to Android. You can now install it on any mobile. Because if the iPhone 14 Pro has it, yours too…
various models of iPhone and Android phones they will stop working with whatsapp. Check if your old mobile is on the list below.
Do not miss iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro reviewsand the report on our live visitwhere we could test their new mobiles, the folding one, and even a tablet.
The Dynamic Island of iPhone 14 is now available for any Android mobile. read the news
This is Google News Showcase, the new news tool in Spain. read the news
You can now ask Google to remove information about you that is too personal from its search results. read the news
You can now check online if your photos have been used to train an AI. read the news
Instagram wants to protect us from unwanted content in MDs with this new filter. read the news
All iPhone and Android models that will be without WhatsApp in a few days. read the news
Apple’s big bet, the new iPhone 14 Pro. Read our analysis and opinion
Motorola’s folding phone is about to see the light in Europe. read the news
Does the iPhone 14 upgrade enough to the iPhone 13? Read our analysis and opinion
The secret of the iPhone 14 that Apple has not wanted to tell you. read the news
Vivo lets us see its entire arsenal in Spain: we tested its folding, its tablet and its latest iQoo 10 Pro. read the report
In no time you will be able to say how you are on WhatsApp: integration of voice messages as status. read the news
This is the new Vivo X80 Lite 5G: Dimensity processor, 64 Mpx camera and AMOLED screen. read the news
The first upgradable modular Chromebook that you can keep up to date in terms of hardware and features. read the news
How to install the Windows 11 22H2 update: news and improvements. read the tutorial
The best Emule servers of 2022 that are still working. check the list
The OCU clarifies the controversy with the weight of food: when is it normal and when is it a scam? read the news
Things you can do if you feel alone. read the news
The re-release of Avatar in theaters comes with a surprise. read the news
Chromecast with Google TV (HD): This is the cheap version of Google’s smart player. read the news
The lightest virtual reality viewer, Pico 4, has everything to eat the Quest 2, and it comes out in Spain. read the news
The Police get serious before the latest joke to avoid fines from the DGT. read the news
Dismantling myths and lies about cheap gasoline and low cost gas stations. read the news
What are the streets or areas of high turnover that are beginning to be seen in cities like Madrid. read the news
The expected change in license plates has already occurred, and there are some curiosities. read the news
They recreate the effect of detonating all existing nuclear bombs at the same time. read the news
Armageddon! How to watch online the collision between a NASA ship and an asteroid. read the news
How to know if a jewel is really silver. read the tutorial
The first ion-powered drone is ready to deliver packages. read the news
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Operators never stop inflating the data envelopes of their packages while maintaining a low price.…
It is not a hidden desire. Thousands of thousands of WhatsApp users have demanded for…
Since last year, the Play Store of our mobile allows us to search for and…
Google is clear about what audience it wants to capture with its new Chromecast: all…
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